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Ayrı Dünyalar
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Ayrı Dünyalar

Kemal is a casino owner, Tayyar is after his casino. Asli goes to a boarding-school, her granny is a flower seller from whom Kemal always buys some. Asli's father is in jail. One day Kemal hits Asli with his car, they become friends. She wants him to come to the school party, introducing him as her father. Tayyar's assassin shoots Kemal, Asli nurses him as he is released from hospital. They feel close to each other, yet Kemal wants her to stay away from the mafia world, he finds out that Asli is Fatma's grandchild. Fatma tells her that Kemal is married and has children. Tayyar kidnaps Asli, he asks Kemal for his casino to set her free. Kemal meets Tayyar, a volley starts and Kemal gets fatally wounded. Asli and Kemal loved each other, unfortunately Kemal dies.

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