Ans and the Universe
Ans and the Universe
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Ans and the Universe

Ans Hoornweg died in 2022 at the age of 80. Hers was an extraordinary story. Extraordinary for others, that is, as contact with extraterrestrials was nothing special for Ans: she appeared on TV several times as a medium who could communicate with aliens. In Ans en het universum, for one last time, she recalls her out-of-body experiences and her visits to other planets. Ans also discusses her media appearances and how people would call her crazy, but still, Ans did not have one shred of doubt: aliens are everywhere and we’re slowly transitioning to an era where current gender norms are no longer applicable. Filmmakers Noëlle Ingeveldt and Juriaan van Berkel work together as Berkveldt to produce a sincere testimonial of a woman with a remarkable life story, filmed amongst the many dolls Ans made in the same likeness of her alien friends.

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