An Encounter to Remember
An Encounter to Remember
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An Encounter to Remember

Cao Luyi, a B-scan doctor lost his job. He had no choice but to go to the “Dongshan Courtyard” sanatorium for medical services. Most of the patients in the sanatorium have dysgnosia, including a couple: Yingjun and Yanzi. Yanzi has been pregnant. As the days went by, Luyi got familiar with the noisy and chaotic life in sanatorium, even if he didn’t want to at the first place. Although the people here always made him angry and speechless, he gradually opened his heart to them. Yanzi’s pregnancy test showed that the fetus had encephalocele. For her, childbirth is very risky. Luyi suggested abortion. But Yingjun and Yanzi finally moved Luyi, whose father is also a dysgnosia patient. Luyi determined to help them. Who is the one to redeem or to be redeemed, it is not up to the intelligence. In the Dongshan courtyard, Luyi finally knows what love is.

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Titúlo Original最好的相遇
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金世佳 como: Luyi Cao


Luyi Cao
邱澤 como: Yingjun Liu


Yingjun Liu
張鈞甯 como: Yanzi Wu


Yanzi Wu
姜珮瑤 como: Jing Wen


Jing Wen
Wu Yuheng como: Cong Cong

Wu Yuheng

Cong Cong