Alles Lüge
Alles Lüge
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Alles Lüge

Erich Kasulke and Rudolf Portmann are comedian stars of the former GDR. When the Wall falls, so does their success. Portmann becomes a successful businessman, while Kasulke tries to continue working on the comedy circuit - without success. When his wife also cheats on him, he decides to start a new life in Berlin. There he quickly meets his old friend Portmann, who has built up a huge company. He offers him a job. But Erich puts the entire company in danger...

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalAlles Lüge
Onde Assistir

Dieter Hallervorden como: Günther Kasulke

Dieter Hallervorden

Günther Kasulke
Petra Hinze como: Hilde Kasulke

Petra Hinze

Hilde Kasulke
Franziska Arnold como: Rita Kasulke

Franziska Arnold

Rita Kasulke
Billie Zöckler como: Lizzy Portmann

Billie Zöckler

Lizzy Portmann
Peter Fitz como: Rudolf Portmann

Peter Fitz

Rudolf Portmann