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About Love
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About Love

Three stories are told, respectively set in Tokyo, Taipei, and Shanghai. The first two stories are about a Japanese person and a Taiwanese person. The last one is set in Shanghai with a story about a Japanese man and a Chinese woman. Some of the characters can speak Japanese and some of them Mandarin. Each story encompasses an experience of a foreigner, either from Japan ,Taiwan or China, with a native of the opposite country.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original恋爱地图
Onde Assistir

Chen Bolin como: Yao (segment "Tokyo")

Chen Bolin

Yao (segment "Tokyo")
Misaki Itō como: Michiko (segment "Tokyo")

Misaki Itō

Michiko (segment "Tokyo")
Mavis Fan como: A-Su (segment "Taipei")

Mavis Fan

A-Su (segment "Taipei")
Ryo Kase como: Tecchan (segment "Taipei")

Ryo Kase

Tecchan (segment "Taipei")
Li Xiaolu como: Yun (segment "Shanghai")

Li Xiaolu

Yun (segment "Shanghai")