A Very Retail Christmas
A Very Retail Christmas
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A Very Retail Christmas

North Pole elves meet an elf toy sales rep. Traditional toys developed here are being outdone by other global toy manufacturers, including Crandall Toys, one of the worst. They must expand their toy lines into new directions. The elves must retrain and succeed, or failure means they may need to be outsourced to other manufacturers. Can they survive?

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Titúlo OriginalA Very Retail Christmas
Onde Assistir

Ed O'Neill como: Max Crandall

Ed O'Neill

Max Crandall
Christopher Hewett como: Ghost of Christmas Past

Christopher Hewett

Ghost of Christmas Past
Sam Whipple como: Percival Osgood III

Sam Whipple

Percival Osgood III
Chuck McCann como: Santa Claus

Chuck McCann

Santa Claus
June Foray como: (voice)

June Foray