A Roof Overhead
A Roof Overhead
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A Roof Overhead

The decision taken by the hospitals council board of early releasing the neurotics and depressed, throw Mona 36 and Cathy 30 in the real world, a world which cannot offer them any place to live except a little house, without a roof , situated at the edge of the country , in the Danube Delta. It's Mona's grandparents house, but both of them are dead. Their arrival triggers weird reactions on behalf of the villagers because they have big plans: to sell the village to a very rich man who own a football team and a political party who wants to turn the place into a luxurious resort. Could Mona and Cathy resist to the villagers reactions? Could they find a place to live in this world?

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Titúlo OriginalUn acoperiș deasupra capului
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