Soot Lay Sanaeha
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Soot Lay Sanaeha

Porphai is a young girl from upcountry who is skilled at making chicken stir-fried with basil, but suddenly, she is turned into a fictitious housewife for Anawat's household. The handsome young man, Anawat, wonders about Porphai's origin since she was not originally destined to meet him. Necessity leads both of them to be closer together, creating chaos with recipes and tricks. Over time, both of them fall in love with one another without realizing it... Adapted from the novel “Khun Jaew Kapao Kai Khun Chai Khai Dao” (คุณแจ๋วกะเพราไก่ คุณชายไข่ดาว) by Pensiri (เพ็ญศิริ).

Detalhes da Série
Titúlo Original สูตรเล่ห์ เสน่หา
Temporadas 1
Episódios 34
Situação Renovada
Onde Assistir