Raising the Bar
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Raising the Bar

A group of barristers and trainee lawyers vow to pursue justice and ideals, but the process is fraught with difficulties. Regarded as the "Condor Heroes" of the legal world, barrister Fan Chi Ngai and his wife Cheung Wai Wan have taught many students. Among them, Tong Ching Chi, Fok Chi Ying andChow Chi Pok are his favourites. With each of them using their own methods, how do these rookies become qualified legal practitioners, in a journey that is full of struggle, doubt and tough choices about their future? Theory turns into practice as they handle tricky cases and experience success and failures, while also dealing with love, family and friendship problems every day. Their biggest test arrives when legal standards challenge their personal orientations.

Detalhes da Série
Titúlo Original 四个女仔三个BAR
Temporadas 1
Episódios 25
Situação Finalizada
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