Onegai! Samia-don
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Onegai! Samia-don

Please! Psammea-don is a Japanese anime that was broadcast from 2 April 1985 to 4 February 1986 with a total of 78 episodes produced. This anime is based on the 1902 novel Five Children and It by English author Edith Nesbit. The anime differs from the novel in revolving around four children rather than five. Three of the children are siblings while the fourth is their friend and neighbor. The four children encounter the Psammead who, in the anime, is depicted as being yellow with a blue hat, and more of a grumpy and lazy being than mischievous. In Latin America, the series was known as Samed, el duende mágico and in France and Quebec as Sablotin. In the Arab world, it was known as Moghamarat Samid.

Detalhes da Série
Titúlo Original Onegai! Samia-don
Temporadas 1
Episódios 39
Situação Finalizada
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