Jamie's Easy Meals For Every Day
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Jamie's Easy Meals For Every Day

Join Jamie at home with his family in Essex for delicious, family-focused food for real life, every day. In this brand new series, we join the nation’s favourite chef at his country home, where he’s cooking up tasty, healthy recipes from his new book 7 Ways: Easy Ideas for Every Day of the Week. Inspired by his own home cooking, based around simple, crowd-pleasing family meals that are creative but pressure-free, Jamie's Easy Meals For Everyday mostly uses 8 ingredients or less, with plenty of versatility based on availability and affordability. These are exciting meals that provide perfect opportunities to bring those we love together, and there really is something for all the family. With dishes this fun and fantastic, Jamie’s empowering viewers to get in the kitchen and make these recipes their own and enjoy really great food every day of the week!

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