Les Enfants Terribles
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Les Enfants Terribles

A Turkish family is on the brink of implosion when the younger generation try to break free from patriarchy and traditional values

‘It’s been 20 years since I left this village,’ announces director Ahmet Necdet Cupur at the beginning of his film. ‘Whenever I try to write, it’s always about here. Whatever I try to do, it’s always about here.’ It is with this obsession that Cupur returns to rural Turkey to film his family: his brother Mahmoud, who is trying to escape his arranged marriage, and his sister Zeynep, who dreams of going to university. But both actions are violently rejected by their authoritative father. With incredible access to his family’s most intimate conversations and employing the distance of someone no longer controlled by family bonds, Cupur delivers a captivating family saga and a compelling portrait of a generation that desperately need to emancipate themselves.

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Titúlo OriginalLes Enfants Terribles
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