Leopard Head Lin Chong 1: The White Tiger Hall
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Leopard Head Lin Chong 1: The White Tiger Hall

Panther Head Lin Chong - tragic hero from classical novel Water Margin. Martial arts instructor of the Imperial Guards in Dongjing - Lin Chong - was framed by jealous friend Lu Qian and young playboy Gao Yanei, adopted son of Grand Marshal Gao Qiu. Knowing Lin loves good weapons, Gao Qiu sends a man to trick him to buy a rare sword on the street. The Grand Marshal then summons Lin Chong to his residence claiming that he wants to see his new possession. Lin, carrying the sword, unsuspectingly enters the White Tiger Hall, where meetings on top-secret state matters are held and arms are prohibited. Gao Qiu accuses Lin of wanting to assassinate him and orders his arrest. The story avoids the usual cliches of costume films, and through the psychological and social analysis of the characters, it aims to drive the story forward and deepen the theme, presenting the audience with a story that touches and provokes some thought.

Detalhes do Filme
Situação Lançado
Titúlo Original 豹子头林冲之白虎堂
Estreia 21/11/2019
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