Kim Dae Jung Must Not Die
Kim Dae Jung Must Not Die
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Kim Dae Jung Must Not Die

A man sentenced to death stands with his people before history

Kim Dae Jung, who stands next to people in the middle of caotic history! A young businessman Kim Dae Jung recognized the victims of ideology. He decided to be a politician to make his country where people's politic and democracy are rooted. The price of being leave from a guaranteed future and take the first step on a bumby road was kidnapping, death threats, imprisonment, and a death sentence that shook him to the core, but even in his final moments, when he was sentenced to death, Kim never wavered. "Democracy will be recovered. I believe in it." The life of President Kim Dae-jung, a death row inmate who survived from the throes of death, four parliamentary elections, and three unsuccessful presidential campaigns, is etched into the modern history of South Korea.

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Estreia Brasil20/01/2024
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