Ibrahim El Abyad
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Ibrahim El Abyad

Love and revenge

Ibraham Al Abyad young child is exposed and his father killed before his eyes by a great band trading in drugs say takbeer the child and the image of his father's death does not leave his eyes and hoped that the proceeding by the time quickly in order to take revenge on all its members, led, of course, the gang leader and for this train Ibrahim Abyad exercises cruel and violent and finds that the best way to take revenge on the gang members is to approach them and join them to be able to kill them in his own way. in order to this shared their operations dangerous to gain their trust and before he began to implement the old dream is captured in one of the processes and able leader of the gang smuggled out and save his neck from a rope the gallows.

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Titúlo Originalإبراهيم الأبيض
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