Great God Monkey 2
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Great God Monkey 2

Sun Xiaotian who recovered the mana, began a spiritual journey with Dongfang Mo,Yang Jiuli, and Ting Ting. They traveled all the way west, passing through the Ewha City in the Black Bone Mountain of Xiaomanguo. Under the guidance of strange crying, they rescued Su Luoying, the daughter of the "black wind old demon" in the legend of Ewha City. Sun Xiaotian met Su Luoying's princess Huo Fenghuang in the process of helping Su Luoying to resolve his internal resentment. Sun Xiaotian and his team found the sleeping black wind old demon together with Huo Fenghuang. Unexpectedly, things are here, far from over, the real behind-the-scenes master of Ewha City has someone else.

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Titúlo Original大神猴2伏魔篇
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