Die schwarzen Brüder
Die schwarzen Brüder
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Die schwarzen Brüder

Up until the middle of the 19Th century, poverty stricken mountain farmers from the Ticino area of Switzerland frequently sold their children to Milan as chimney sweeps or spazzacamini. That is also young Giorgios fate. He is forced to climb through pitch black chimneys, flinging down the soot with his bare hands. But he does not lose heart. Together with his buddies sharing in the same misery, he establishes the association of Black Brothers. They stick together, struggling against their penury and getting involved in fights with the street gangs of Milan. The film tells of the gripping adventures of the chimney sweep boys and their spectacular escape back to their native land.

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Titúlo OriginalDie schwarzen Brüder
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Moritz Bleibtreu como: Antonio Luini

Moritz Bleibtreu

Antonio Luini
Waldemar Kobus como: Battista Rossi

Waldemar Kobus

Battista Rossi
Richy Müller como: Pater Roberto

Richy Müller

Pater Roberto
Ruby O. Fee como: Angeletta

Ruby O. Fee