Crossroads-Pocket Money
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Crossroads-Pocket Money

Decision: Ma Ji (Liu Dehua) and Zhu Nu (Liu Yijun) are good brothers who have sympathy for brotherhood. They have experienced all kinds of storms and waves together, and their feelings are very firm. However, in an accident, the two unintentionally set off a fire which caused heavy casualties. Ma Ji decided to make a good man from now on, but Zhu Nv still went her own way and gradually drifted away. "Pocket money": A Bang (Stephen Chow) is a son-in-law born with a golden spoon, but in an accident, he became addicted to drugs, and from then on he went deeper and deeper into extinction. Wrong Way: Arvin (Tony Leung) is a kind and filial boy who always takes care of his sick mother. One day, on the basketball court, Ah Wen was repeatedly harassed and provoked by gangsters. Untolerable, he clashed with the other side, resulting in a homicide. Ah Wen was immediately pursued by the police.

Detalhes do Filme
Situação Lançado
Titúlo Original 臨歧:零用錢
Estreia 01/01/1983
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