Augsburger Puppenkiste - Die Opodeldoks
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Augsburger Puppenkiste - Die Opodeldoks

Far, far away, about halfway between Thursday and the North Pole, somewhere near Taschenbier city is the grassland, completely surrounded by high mountains. There live the Opodeldoks, that is, more precisely, Oberdeldok, Opozähldok, Omadeldok, Opadeldok and the little Deldok. Far from any civilization, the Opodeldoks mainly interested in grass, from which they produce an excellent, albeit a bit boring in the long run salad, and chicken, especially chicken! The Opodeldoks spend their days very peacefully in the rule. Until one day the little Deldok for excitement makes. He really want to learn, which is probably hidden behind the mountains. Through his curiosity got he and his girlfriend, the hen Helene, in a great adventure.

Detalhes do Filme
Situação Lançado
Titúlo Original Augsburger Puppenkiste - Die Opodeldoks
Estreia 31/12/1984
Custo Produção R$ 155,00
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