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The piano tuner Ota is still in mourning for the loss of his beloved wife. He would like to go on, but he can’t find the beach where his wife wanted her ashes to be scattered. While helping his friend Kojima with his antique shop, Ota meets the old Kuzo, a ventriloquist with a mysterious and fascinating female puppet, Aria, and his disciple, Senju. But during a show, the old man collapses. At the hospital, he asks Ota to find a piano he sold a long time ago to a pawn shop, and dies. Ota and Senju decide to look for the piano, even if Kuzo will not be able to enjoy it anymore, as a way to carry on the master’s memory. Just before the departure, a mysterious and beautiful woman enters the antique shop, claiming to be Kuzo’s daughter. She wants to join them in the quest for the piano. The three leave in search of the long forgotten piano: they will meet a number of uncommon characters, who will guide them in a journey through the master’s past, and their memories, towards the future.

Detalhes do Filme
Situação Lançado
Titúlo Original Aria
Estreia 01/06/2007
Onde Assistir