Anna Akhmatova and Artur Lurie. Word and Music
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Anna Akhmatova and Artur Lurie. Word and Music

"That imbecile grandiose who does not know Lourie!" – Vladimir Mayakovsky once proclaimed. At the beginning of the century, the name of this composer and musician thundered no less than the names of Prokofiev or Stravinsky. The star of the Stray Dog Cafe, a colleague of Khlebnikov, Miturich, Annenkov and Mandelstam, after the revolution he headed the music department of the People's Commissariat for Education, becoming the main one in the country "for music". At the same time, his affair with Anna Akhmatova took place. They lived together for only a few years, until Arthur Lourie decided to leave for the West. They were able to write to each other again almost half a century later... People's Artist of Russia Svetlana Kryuchkova and People's Artist of Russia Valery Kukhareshin were filmed in the film. Artur Lurie's music was performed by the "XX century" ensemble under the direction of Maria Khodina, grand pianos Sergei Oskolkov and Daniil Yekimovsky, soprano Victoria Evtodyeva.

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Titúlo Original Анна Ахматова и Артур Лурье. Слово и музыка
Estreia 01/09/2011
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