Angel of Darkness 2
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Angel of Darkness 2

This slice of shot-on-video hentai horror kicks off with a crazy old woman stealing what looks like all-butter shortbread from three statues wearing red hats. This causes an earthquake which releases ancient demon spores from a cave into a nearby pool of water. Unfortunately, this pool is precisely where a lesbian professor—part of a group of students and teachers who are spending a few days camping in the woods—decides to refill her water canteen. She accidentally ingests the spores, which causes the eruption of huge, thrashing, veiny, slime-covered tentacles that seek out new victims and enter the nearest orifice, thus allowing the demon to pass from host to host.

Detalhes do Filme
Situação Lançado
Titúlo Original 淫獣教師 II 実写版
Estreia 08/09/1995
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