Analog Love
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Analog Love

A film about how we communicate through music.

Do you remember sharing your feelings with someone through a “mix tape?” Analog Love is a joyful look at why this ritual of communication through music still continues to be so meaningful. With the insights of Henry Rollins, Money Mark (Beastie Boys), Kim Shattuck (The Muffs), Jennifer Finch (L7), Chantal Claret, Jude “Rude Jude” Angelini, Zernell Gillie (Grimy!), Mona Lisa Murray, Christian James Hand (The Session) and many more, we’ll get to the bottom of the long-lost art of the mix tape.​

Detalhes do Filme
Situação Lançado
Titúlo Original Analog Love
Estreia 17/08/2021
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